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Jack-Up rig

An offshore drilling rig used when drilling has to be performed below sea and the selection process of an offshore rig is heavily depending on the sea water depth. Offshore drilling rigs are also called Mobile Offshore Drilling Units or MODUs. There are three different types of offshore rigs and they can be towed or propelled into place. Jack-up rigs are the most common rigs in the offshore drilling industry today and they can only operate in water that is less than 300 - 400 feet (100 - 121 meters) deep. The rig is towed to the drilling location by tug boats. When it arrives on location, the rig’s legs (three or four legs) are lowered to the seafloor and it is jacked up above the water to a predetermined height. Moreover, Three-legged jack-up rigs are the most common for drilling as they are stable while elevated while four-legged rigs are more stable while floating.

jack up drilling rig.jpg
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