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Pneumatic spinning wrench

Q250 Pneumatic spinning wrench is a pneumatic roller type spinner used in marine and drilling mechanization industry, with a range of 3 1/2-10 (in) drill rods and drill collars. In the drilling operation, instead of the traditional spinning screw (swirling chain), the twisting operation was safe and reliable, and the labor intensity of the drilling workers was reduced. Also the tripping speed was improved. Since the air motor in the twisting pliers can rotate in the forward and reverse directions, it is more advantageous to use in coring operations and handling downhole accidents. In addition, usage of Q250 pneumatic spinning wrench Place the pliers vertically at a distance of 0.3-0.5 meters above the drill pipe joint. The operator will move the twisting pliers to the wellhead to allow the drill pipe to enter between the four rollers of the pliers; the air valve makes the roller press the drill pipe, then the air motor valve handle is operated to open the left and right motors. The motor drives the rotation of the respective drive rollers through the left and right deceleration mechanisms. Due to the effect of frictional torque, the drill pipe rotates with it, achieving the purpose of screwing in and unthreading the pipe thread. For pipes with different diameters, adjust the switch of the wrench head. There is no need to replace the roller, which brings great convenience to manufacturing, usage, and maintenance.

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