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On August 17, 2021. Masar Center and Saudi Arabian Drilling Academy (SADA) signed an agreement…

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

The Purpose:

· Implementing the institutional accreditation processes for the Saudi Arabian Drilling Academy based on the institutional accreditation standards approved by the Authority.

· Integration with the human capacity development program through the expansion of training to meet the needs of the labor market and achieve efficiency in the training system to reach the globally competitive citizen.

Institutional Accreditation:

An accreditation granted by the Commission confirming that the training facility has met the institutional accreditation requirements and approved standards for a specified period of time.


1. Engagement with employer

2. Governance & management

3. Admission and trainee services

4. Programs development and assessment

5. Training and resources

6. Trainee achievement

7. Trainers qualification and development

8. Sustainability and effectiveness

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