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The program Duration is Three weeks.

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Service Description

Both newly nominated and experienced Assistant Drillers, Derrickmen with minimum 2 years of experience in a Derrickman position. The Rig Assistant Driller is responsible for assisting the driller on all his tasks and duties which can include and not limited to, drilling function, daily driller inspection, and daily supervision of rig activities. Assistant Driller will play a key role in rig start-ups operations on a new drilling site, assist in daily drilling, workover, and well control operations. This course will educate the participants on how to perform regular inspection on drilling systems and drilling equipment. They will learn how to operate on both a Joy stick cyber chair and a manual rig break type. The course will also focus on assembling bottom hole assembly, rig math, general and 3rd party service operations. The Assistant Driller program will cover the different elements of the rig operations. The knowledge elements will help assure that the participants have received the proper training and have demonstrated their understanding of the tasks they will perform as assistant drillers. The first part of the program will cover theory technical training covering rig calculation, well hole problems, how to calculate the weight of a drilling string in air & mud, tubular charts for calculations, volume of cylindrical object, volume of mud tanks and annular volumes, pump output in gal/stroke and in bbl/stroke, hydrostatic pressure, formation pressure, pressure gradient, kill sheet & trip sheet analysis, casing tally, DP tally, tubing tally, calculating the mud weight and viscosity, well problems and prevention, preparing a proper bottom hole assembly for cleaning or drilling operations, conducting proper general driller rig inspection, handling basic fishing equipment, and covering the duties assigned in support to the driller. The second part of the program will handle all aspects related to HSE and Well control which can include and not limited to covering basic well control operations, choke manifold valves routine preventive maintenance and shut in methods and procedures, BOPE equipment, casing and cementing operations in addition to all aspects related to safety and precautionary procedures need to be considered by an assistant driller. The third week will cover all the practical tasks and duties required by an assistant driller.

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