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Basic rig calculation & well problems understanding Calculate the weight of a drilling string in air & mud Tubular charts for calculations Calculating volume of cylindrical object Calculate volume of mud tanks and annular volumes Pump output in gal/stroke and in bbl/stroke Hydrostatic pressure, formation pressure, pressure gradient Kill sheet & trip sheet analysis Casing tally, DP tally, tubing Tally Calculating the mud weight and viscosity Well problems and prevention Basic fishing equipment Basic daily tasks (Drilling) Identify different BHAs components i.e. Mud motor, stabilizer, chock sub etc. Identify torque for BHA component and Tubular Choke manifold valves shut in method BOP hydraulic unit gauges Mud pump relief valve BOP RAMS adjustment method Casing shoe-Float collar, centralizers, stop collars Drilling parameters as per DS job order Well control operation (what a kick is, causes of kicks, kick indicators, warning signs of kicks, Shut-in methods). WEEK TWO: H.S.E Assistant driller responsibility Explain the importance of the pre-tour and post-job meetings Common incidents and accidents performed by Assistant Drillers. General Lockout and Tagout Permit to Work System (cold work, hot work, Work at height, Confined space•••etc.) Transportation of Dangerous Goods and heavy loads during rig move Lifting and Rigging, Cranes and slings How to react during Emergency Situations including emergency drills Worker Health and Safety Awareness in 4 Steps Safety Management System Occupational Health and Safety for Workers WEEK THREE: PRACTICAL TRAINING Operating the break and conducting tripping and pipe pickup and laydown operations. Operating and assembling various types BHA including measurements rig math. Operating pipe tripping and running casing joints. Handling drilling, well control, stuck pipe and fishing operations. Practical training conducting driller inspection and supervising mud mixing operations.