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The Program Duration is Three weeks.

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Service Description

Both newly nominated and experienced Drillers, Assistant Drillers with minimum 2 years of experience in an Assistant Driller position. Rig Driller course is designed to teach participants the main roles and responsibilities of a Driller on the rig sites that includes rig reporting, conducting various rig calculations, operating the rig break, and handling well problems. A Driller has the key role during the emergency situations, so the course will also focus on emergency situations and how to secure the well in case of any unfortunate scenarios. A Driller should have good leadership qualities as he will be the leader of all the rig crew on the rig floor. The participants will also learn the environmental protection strategies, calculating weight of drilling stings, tubular charts for calculations, and other hydrostatic pressure checks, formation pressure checks, and kill sheet analysis. The Driller program will cover the different elements of the rig. The knowledge elements will help assure that the partici- pants have received the proper training and have demonstrated their understanding of the tasks they will perform as Drillers. The first part of the program will cover theory technical training of the drilling fluids, types of additives, mud mixing, circulating systems, maintenance of mud pumps, mud displacement calculations and other rig related components. The second part of the program will handle all aspects related to rig operations, well control, hazards related to chemical handling, mud mixing, handling the monkey board and stabbing board, in addition to other important aspects related to HSE during the operations. The third part of the program will cover the practical area where participants will be exposed to the exact tasks and duties of a Driller and will learn how to perform such duties properly, efficiently and safely. Furthermore, the participants will be assessed to ensure they are fit for the position and can achieve the results expected from them during the rig operations

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