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Awareness Course 1day (& more)

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Awareness Course 1day Advance Training & Prevention Course 1day Industrial Training & Prevention Course 1day Warden Course 1day Watch Course 1day Firefighting for team member Course 3 days Firefighting for team leaders Course 3 days Any individual or any employee working in a worksite, operational site, workshops, storage facilities, chemical and industrial plants and any other facility or workplace. The advanced firefighting courses can as well suitable for, supervisors andtechnicians, operators, Fire Watch man, Fire Warden, and emergency response members whom have fire safety responsibilities. NEFT Firefighting Course is designed to help in preventing and protecting the assets, the environment, employees, and the general public in emergency situations that can occur as a result of fire. The course will highlight various topics including classes of Fire, causes of fire, and optimum rescuing procedures. In addition to learning to how combat a fire within a team or simply when alone. The course will also highlight the roles and responsibilities of Fire team members, emergency escape plans and proper risk assessment on how to deal with a fire should it occur. The course will educate participants on how to identify the risks and hazards and how to properly deal with it.  Introduction To Fire and Fire Prevention  The Burning Process  Fire triangle, tetrahedron  How Fire Spreads  Classes Of Fire  Heat Sources  Fire Prevention  Extinguishing Mediums And Extinguishers  Firefighting Equipment Requirements  Methods Of Operation  Operating Procedure  Care And Maintenance Of Fire Equipment  Fire Hose Reels  Fire Buckets  Fire Blankets  Lifting And Carrying Techniques  Fire Suppression With Hose And Hydrant Operations  Means of Escape  Role of Fire Marshall  Hands on use of different types of fire extinguishers

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