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Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) + SCBA

The course duration is 1 day.

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Service Description

Any personnel working in a water – chemical treatment facility, Oil and Gas industry, industrial areas and construction areas. H2S (HYDROGEN SULPHIDE) IS A GAS THAT CAN BE CREATED BY NATURAL BIOLOGICAL PROCESSES OR BY HUMAN ACTIVITY AND POSES A SERIOUS THREAT TO PEOPLE AO ASSETS BECAUSE OF ITS EXTREMELY TOXIC AND CORROSIVE PROPERTIES. IT IS IMPROTANT, THERFORE, FOR ALL PERSONNEL WORKING IN CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY, SWAGE AND WATER TREATMENT PLANTS, AND OIL & GAS FACILITIES TO BE COMPETENT IN EMERGENCY RESPONSE TRAINING. IN ADDITION BECOME AWARE OF THE NESSARY PRACTICES TO STAY AND WORK IN AN ENVIRONMENT WITH POTENTIAL EXPOSURE TO H2S GAS, THIS TRAINING WILL COVER THE CHARACTERISTICS OG HYDROGEN SUPLPHIDE GAS AND THE POTENTIAL PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF EXPOSURE AS WELL THE USE OG H2S DETECTION EQUIPMENT AND ESCAPE BREATHING APPARATUS  Introduction TO H2S Gas  Other names used to describe H2S  Hydrogen Sulfide H2S properties & characteristics  Where H2S can be located  Parts per million (ppm) as a measurement parameter  Factors affecting individual susceptibility to H2S  Hazard associated with H2S  Occupational exposure limits to H2S  Safety Signs (flags color)  H2S alarms and gas detector.  Protection from H2S  Detection of H2S  Escape  Rescue  Recovery  Practical Assessment : Donning & operating (including checks)  an escape breathing apparatus (SCBA) with a mask within 30 seconds

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