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The course duration is 1 day.

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For personnel conducting hazardous work activities or entering Restricted Areas to do so are required to work under the Permit to Work System. Also for those responsible for issuing permits and receiving permits. Work Permit System helps prevent incidents and accidents. It requires a thorough review of work tasks and job site conditions before hazardous work task can begin. The work permit is an essential tool of the Work Permit System that identifies and documents the hazards and precautions of a specific work activity or a Restricted Area so the work can be done safely. The work permit is an offcial record of the specific work process and the agreed conditions and minimum safety precautions to be followed during the work. This course essentially introduces the Work Permit System and the work permits used to control hazardous work activities or processes in Restricted Areas. Work can remain safe only if the person prepare the job properly, follow the safety precautions, and have qualified supervision. This course will highlight how it is important to agree to the minimum safety precautions (controls), and maintain them to ensure co-workers are focused on preventing incidents that can lead to equipment damage, injuries, or loss of life.  Introduction  Summarize Key Elements of the Work Permit System  Identify Low Risk Activities  Summarize the Work Permit Procedures and Responsibilities of the Issuer and Receiver.  Issuing Work Permits  Identify the Forms and Specific Requirements for Each  Permit Used in the Work Permit System  Define Hot Work Permits  Define Cold Work Permits  Define Confined Space Entry Permits  Define Equipment Opening/Line Break Permit  Demonstrate the preparation requirements for issuing / receiving a permit including hazard analysis and supervisory requirements on site.  Explain and demonstrate the implementation of control systems including monitoring of and compliance to work scope.  Explain procedures for deviations in terms of change of scope, new hazards, changes in personnel and reasons for cancellation.  Explain / demonstrate the action for completion of work and procedures for closure of permit.  Complete a Work Permit Using an Established Work Scenario