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The Course Duration is Five Days.

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This course is designed for all personnel willing to pursue their career as safety officers/ specialists or any existing safety officers who want to understand their role and responsibilities and how to implement HSE policies and procedures. Health & safety department is one of the most important departments on sites which keeps personnel safe from any hazards and risks. Most of the time accidents happen due to unsafe acts or unsafe conditions and to avoid these accidents from happening organizations have HSE departments to take care of the health & safety of workers. HSE department’s main task is to ensure that HSE policies and procedures are followed on the sites such as oil & gas rigs, construction sites, manufacturing plants, refineries and shipyards etc. Safety officers and specialists are the key personnel to keep the operations in a safe working order and avoid any immediate hazards. They will also play a key role in investigating any unfortunate incidents. This program is designed for personnel who are willing to work as safety officers or any existing safety officers to understand their roles and responsibilities and how to implement HSE policies and ▶ Introduction to safety management ▶ Effective accident investigation ▶ Introduction to occupational safety & health ▶ Hazard analysis control ▶ Hazard communication program ▶ Conducting Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) ▶ Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) ▶ Lock out/ tag out procedure ▶ Introduction to ergonomics ▶ Confined space ▶ Fall protection ▶ Electrical safety ▶ Emergency action plans ▶ Introduction to machine guarding ▶ Industrial hygiene ▶ Noise control ▶ Blood borne pathogens ▶ Trench and excavation ▶ Oil & gas hazard awareness

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