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Apart from its strategic geographic location in the drilling hub of Saudi Arabia and it being the only specialized drilling academy in the MENA region, SADA’s uniqueness lies also in it being the outcome of the synergy and joint efforts of a large number of major energy market players who have come together with a common purpose; to develop Saudi Arabia’s drilling industry. 

SADA is a unique model academy that is solely focused on providing excellent training programs in the drilling industry to create a localized pool of talents in the drilling field. 

The academy has been equipped with the latest operational and training tools such as drilling rigs and simulators to ensure our trainees get the best possible on-the-job training. It is also the only drilling academy to offer recognized diplomas upon completion of our programs.

Advantages of Training at Sada

‣ State-of-the-art technology training
‣ Certified trainers
‣ World-class curriculum
‣ Simulators and industrial equipment
‣ In-class training and extracurricular activities
‣ Community involvement
‣ Work ethics
‣ Safety and Security

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How To Apply

To apply, you need to do the following:

  • To apply for the program, please click here.

  • To access your candidate profile after registration, please click here.

Once you apply online, your qualifications and documents will be reviewed.

  • If you are selected for the program, you will be scheduled for an appointment to complete the program process.

  • In the event, that if you have not completed company's requirements, you will not be selected for the program.

  • Then you will be scheduled for testing in English and math.

  • You will receive a notification message of your test results through e-mail and/or SMS.

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