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SADA Programs

Programs & Courses

SADA education is consistently excellent and constantly evolving.


We're proud to offer ### that empower our talented students to explore every inch of the expanding intellectual universe.


Health Safety Environment

Workplace safety training is a process that aims to provide the workforce with knowledge and skills to perform their work in a way that is safe for them and their co-workers. In addition, an effective workplace safety plan includes instructions and guidelines to identify hazards, report them, and deal with incidents.



The primary purpose of technical training is to ensure that all employees have the technical skills needed to perform the job efficiently and smoothly. While technical training can be job-specific, programs typically focus on the hard skills an employee needs to meet the key performance indicators associated with the role.



To provide a comprehensive learning platform to trainees to enhance their skills and become job-ready. Also, to practice within an actual job situation. to improve trainees' knowledge and skills of one particular technology.


SADA Diploma

The Apprenticeship Program is designed to provide training to Saudi high school graduates to prepare them for entry-level jobs with SADA stakeholders. The program provides participants with academic and job skills training to ensure that they have the skills necessary to be successful in their future jobs.


Hands On Training

Hands-on training is one method educational systems use to help teach trainees to learn a specific task. It provides real-world experience by allowing the trainees to get their hands directly on whatever they are learning, creating a sense of empowerment.

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