SADA Community Relations

SADA Community Engagement and Impact provides expertise for high-quality community engagement while leveraging SADA resources to address community-identified needs. SADA can coordinate community partnerships that strengthen relationship, student learning and faculty success.

Community Relations

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Is this programme 100% online?

Yes. This programme is 100% online and there is no in-person element. This ensures that any young woman, no matter where in New Zealand they live, can take part.

How much does it cost? How is it funded?

The programme is valued at $250 pp. Thanks to our sponsors we are able to offer a scholarship.

What will I do on the programme?

This online programme is highly interactive and is designed for young women who are keen to actively participate and execute on their learning. You will practise your networking and interviewing skills. You will take part in intensive leadership and career training. You will develop personal branding skills. You will take part in a quick-fire industry challenge where you will gain CV worthy experiences. You will recieve mentoring and be inspired by industry role models. The GirlBoss Edge Programme has been created in order to empower you to reach your full potential.

Where can I read the Terms and Conditions?

You can read the terms and conditions here.

Who can apply for this programme?

This programme is for Maori & Pasifika young women aged 15 - 18 who live in New Zealand. If you have finished high school, you can still apply.

Do I have to complete the whole programme? What is the time commitment involved?

Yes. You must complete all units and tasks to successfully graduate from the programme. The tasks will be self-paced and it will take between 10 - 20 hours to complete them all. In addition, there will be 5 set times where you participate in Facebook LIVE and online community networking events.

I am not interested in Healthcare. Can I still apply?

This programme is for young women with an interest in healthcare. We will be running future intakes for other industries. Please sign up as a member at to be notified of future intakes.

I am not interested in being a Doctor. Can I still apply?

This programme is for young women with an interest in healthcare - there are many roles in healthcare beyond being a Doctor - such as a Biologist, a Midwife, a Biomedical engineer, a Nurse, Psychologist, Occupational Therapist and so much more! We will be running future intakes for other industries, please sign up as a member at to be notified of future intakes.

What if I can't afford the Programme Fee?

Limited Full Scholarship places are funded by the Ministry for Pacific Peoples. This programme is eligible for STAR Funding. STAR Funding is special Government funding organised by your school to support students to have access to career programmes like this one. Please contact your careers counsellor or a teacher at your school, and ask them to contact us so that we can arrange an invoice.

I am a Teacher - can you provide an invoice to the school so that we can use school based funding (e.g STAR) to cover the programme fee?

Yes. Please contact us and we will issue you with an invoice. We will then provide you with a special code which will allow your students to access the course without charge.