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Permit to work:

 Permits to work are special authorization documentation that ensures adequate risk has been accessed for the process and a level of control has been put in place to reduce the severity, likelihood, and potential of an incident occurring. These could be regulatory requirements, company policies, or general best practices depending on the area of the world you operate in. These are part of a systematic approach to managing risk through authority and authorization.

A permit to work (PTW) system is a process to keep employees safe during hazardous and nonstandard operations. It involves assessing the risks, establishing a proper safety protocol based on the risks, and proper communication throughout the entire process. The PTW system is designed to mitigate environmental, health, sustainability, and safety risks in certain operations.

The permit-to-work system starts with identifying risks and hazardous areas and practices within the organization. It also includes identifying the work’s scope and the risks that come with the work. These systems also involve appointing the people who are authorized to handle hazardous tasks and people in charge of keeping the processes as safe as possible.

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